Discover Your Ancestors In 1921 Census Year

Family history research is an ever growing pastime for many people as they seek to find their ancestors in years gone by and discover where their antecedents had lived and what their occupation was at the time. A significant tool in the genealogist’s arsenal used for finding this out is normally the national census. These were carried out every ten years by the government from 1801; though the first national census to list the names of individuals was in 1841.

1921 Census Form

On this website, you will find some practical information about the 1921 census and an 1921 census substitute data which you can use to find out more about your ancestors in this period. As an example, we have a case study which looks at Henry Royce and where he can be found at the time that the 1921 census was taken. "There is also information on how to use genealogical tools such as online databases to build your family tree, and a section on Family History.

The '1921 News' section will provide you with a snapshot of some of the events that happened that year, includes the breaking of speed records by The Flying Scotsman, the RMS Mauretania gaining the Blue Ribbon and the formation of Imperial Airways.

If you still can't find the information you're searching for, try the 'Family History Links' page, which will direct you to other related websites that can help you.

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